Carlucci grail V5 and V7

Please note that the most recent strategy is below the V5 description, but it is still recommended to go through the earlier version.

The Carlucci grail strategy was created and has been frequently modified by Francisco Carlucci from Spain, who keeps on perfecting his invention. Its current version number 5, though may seem a bit complicated, looks really promising. Having tested this strategy with positive results, we present its key points and principles.

Having installed this strategy we should see the following chart:

If this is the chart we see, we can start pursuing the strategy, which we do on a 5-minute chart.

The principle

We open the option when a couple of conditions are simultaneously fulfilled. Some conditions are necessary while other may be used as confirmation.

Semaphore. This indicator shows the level of purchases/sales. We open the option when the “semaphore” (“ball”) indicator appears above/under the candle. The “ball” may include three numbers: 1, 2 or 3; the higher the number, the stronger the signal. However, this indicator strongly repaints, therefore it should be interpreted with considerable caution. An additional confirmation of the semaphore is the properly directed arrow that precedes it, which is not in a circle. The arrow points to the direction of the next candle. The in-circle arrow on the bottom (the RSI arrow) appearing above the candle is yet another confirmation. An optimal situation is when the signal candle stops but does not go above an important level (for example fibo 0.100).

CCI Monitor. We watch the chart and wait for the moment when at least the yellow and blue lines cross in one point of the maximum scope of the monitor. The situation is ideal when the red line also crosses the same point, but it is not a necessary condition. The arrow is an additional confirmation – the closer it is (either very high or very low) to the point of intersection, the better. It’s best when the arrow appears in between the lines of the chart, when it is in the corner of the lines. If there is no line immediately next to the left arrow it weakens the signal. It appears along with a new candle. The signal is stronger when two arrows appear simultanously: the white and the yellow one.

MRFX Monitor. For “call”-type options the magenta line should cross or appear above the grey line, the rebound line, which should be below level 20. For “put”-type options the magenta line should cross or appear below the grey, rebound line, which should be above level 80. The yellow color appearing on the magenta chart points to a change in the trend and may help notice the moment to withdraw.


Additional remarks

In the chart we see red and green areas. The price should appear in the red area for the “put” option and in the green area for the “call” option. The purple lines in bold (EMA) point to the direction of the market trend. These are very strong levels of resistence and support, so it’s better to play according to the direction to which they point.

The lines connecting the lows and the highs is the ZigZag indicator which points to a change in the trend and draws (repaints) the support levels.

The indicator of the trend strength identifies the number of sellers or buyers. If this indicator is high (95% and more), then there’s a slight chance for the trend to reverse.

We can also follow the number of contracts in a given time interval. We avoid situations when that number is too high (30 and more).

The news table shows time until the onset of financial events. We do not trade before and after the events on a given currency pair.

We can set up alarm notifications for some indicators.


How to use it?

This strategy is to be used in a 5-minute chart with a 5-minute option expiration time. The option is launched when the signal candle goes out. The most important criteria for the signal to appear: the “semaphore”/”ball” (2 or 3) and the crossing of at least 2 lines (yellow and blue) in one point on CCI monitor. It rarely happens that all the confirmations happen at the same time, which is why it is all up to us. Below you’ll find examples on how to interpret this strategy’s indicators.

Example 1 (CALL option, click to enlarge):

An arrow in a circle appears after opening the option, which confirms the correct direction of the candle. You can wait for it to appear before starting the option, but it is recommended to open the option just after the previous candle goes out:










The winning option:


Example 2 (PUT option, click to enlarge):

Download the strategy:





There is a new version of this strategy:


This new updated strategy is available in the VIP section (download link and description).

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